The Allomi Experience brings together movement, meditation and mindfulness. Our schedule includes a variety of Yoga, Meditation, Mindful Movement, Cardio Dance and Fitness classes as well as Conscious & Creative Living Workshops.

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30 days of motivation, support and accountability lead by Allomi owner & founder, Amber Susa. You will have access to daily virtual workouts via Zoom, meditations, group holistic health coaching, nutritional counseling, private FB group, weekly check-ins, point tracking via Google doc spreadsheet for those of you who thrive with a little competition, and weekly challenges to earn bonus points. Earn points for clean-eating, moving your body, meditating, journaling and more! Prizes for the top 3 winners! Let us come together as a community and get ready to thrive in 2021!

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Live Streaming, Stay-At-Home Pricing:

If you have an auto-renew membership, you can opt to put your membership on hold and sign up for the above options, or you can use your current membership to sign up for live-streamed classes.

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